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Myofascial Release

Fascia plays a major role in pain, posture and movement affecting balance and co-ordination.

  • 1 h
  • 75 euros
  • Dungarvan

Service Description

Fascia is a connective tissue web that connects every part of the body. It's like a hologram that dictates the posture and movement of bone and soft tissue; muscles, tendons, ligaments, be they healthy or compensatory. Healthy fascia exists in a state of balance between tension and compression; Bio-tensegrity. It has the ability to change shape according to the body's experiences. The nervous system uses the fascial system as a communication highway between the brain and all other areas of the body, not just motor control and balance, but also the endocrine systems, organ function etc etc. Everything is connected through fascia. Fascia stores physical, mental and emotional trauma, therefore ultimately the root of compensatory movement and memory. Fascia is exceptionally strong: it has a tensile strength of 2 tonnes per square inch, therefore you cannot actually stretch fascia. It has to be released. Myofascial release is a highly effective modality to address fascial restriction affecting posture and movement. Having studied under the expertise of Ruth Mitchel-Golladay, based in Texas, USA, my methods are based on the teachings of John Barnes who is a mecca in the myofascial release world; international lecturer, author & physical therapist and is considered to be a visionary and teacher of the highest caliber. His techniques are based on time and feel of the tissue response. Myofascial release are corrective techniques without the force of a chiropractic manipulation.

Contact Details

  • Kilrush, Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland


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