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Upcoming Events

Equine Herbal Workshop for horse owners

This is a 2-day work shop delivered by Whitethorn Equine Health.  Learn how to improve & maintain your horse’s health using herbs, essential oils and minerals. You will have the opportunity to learn how to work with physical issues such as sprains, wounds, laminitis, hormonal imbalances as well as behavioural issues such as fear, anxiety and aggression.

Natural Herbs

Advanced IASTM & Kinesio-Taping Techniques for practitioners

Dr. Solange Mikail is coming to Ireland to teach the fundamentals of kinesiology taping and istrument assisted soft tissue release techniques. This 2-Day intensive course is only available to certified veterinary physios, equine massage therapists & other health-related professionals aswell as vets and farriers. 

K-Taping for Horse Owners

Spring 2024
More details coming soon

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