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Our goal is to produce high quality foals aimed at the competitive amateur market for showjumping and eventing both here in Ireland and abroad. Temperament, rideability & correct conformation are to the forefront of all breeding decisions and we choose our stallions accordingly to suit the mares. All offspring are available for sale once weaned. 

Brood Mares

"Breeding, it is true, is largely a matter of chance, but it is not mere luck; it depends too, upon stud management, experience, a sound knowledge of blood-lines and confirmation, and that undefinable flair which, in every calling, distinguishes the master from the tradesman".

                                                                                                                                                     Frederico Tesio

Mylord Carthago - Burggraaf - Alme

Uredee Mylord Carthago Burggraaf Alme horse breeder broodmare irish sport horse
templebready fear bui traditional irish sport horse broodmare

Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Templebready Fear Bui - Classic Memory - Silverstone


Vaillant - Krunch De Breve - VDL Groep No Limit

kirkton caramel vaillant for pleasure broodmare krunch de breve
Ailins cherry tart, Ricardo Z, Broodmare

Ailins Cherry Tart
Ricardo z - XX

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