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Wild Horses

Dr Mila Speciani

DVM, EEBW, CCBW, GpCERT WVA & CPM, CKTP, Expert in Homeopathy, Homotoxicology and Integrated Disciplines, Doctor in Human Sport and Exercise Science. 

Dr. Mila Speciani, Veterinarian, lives and works across Northern Italy running a freelance practice for both small and large animals, as well as consulting as a senior specialist for several private practices and small animal hospitals. The majority of her daily practice includes dogs, cats and horses. She integrates natural medicine, sports medicine, natural management and gentle horsemanship, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, pain management and acupuncture in order to provide health and wellness to animal athletes and pets. Dr. Speciani is an instructor and lecturer for many world-renowned institutions and regularly teaches courses and seminars all over the world. To add her her list of accomplishments, she also has published peer reviewed articles concerning her scientific areas of expertise.

Equine Fascia Workshop - Objective

The workshop will focus on the role of fascia in the biomechanics of animal movement, identification and recognition of fascial restrictions, and the main fascial treatment techniques applicable to the horse. The workshop is open to Veterinarians,  Equine bodyworkers & massage therapists, and physiotherapists with specific training in the animal field, chiropractors, animal osteopaths, and students of the above disciplines. At the end of this course, participants will be able to recognise and fascial restrictions, and apply the main fascial and myofascial release techniques.

Course Outline

Day 1

Day 2


  • Introduction to the fascial system 

  • Identification, interpretation and treatment of fascial restrictions

  • Hands on: application of Fascial Release techniques, practical experience in treatment and self-treatment

  • Approaching the horse with fascial release techniques

  • Working protocol and interactive case studies

  • Hands on: application of Fascial Release techniques on horses

  • How to include fascial release techniques in the overall approach to the horse: interactive case studies

  • Practical demonstrations

  • Participants will recieve a Certificate of Attendance 

  • Course cost is E500 with a discount price offering of E800 for participants who are attending both the Equine & Caine Fascia Workshops!

  • Complimentary Teas & Coffees

  • Refridgeration & microwave facilites available - there will not be opportunity to leave the venue during the course so we advise participants to bring a packed lunch.

Payments taken by PayPal.
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