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Advanced Magnetic Technology

Introducing a new type of magnetism

Traditional magnets have been around for thousands of years with no clinical evidence proving once-and-for-all that they work. They are marketed to support many symptoms such as arthritis, inflammation, pain relief, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and much more.

Traditional magnetic devices contain static magnets which range in ‘strength’ (gauss level). These create a continuous energy field which generates a pulsating energy field from the face of the magnets. This process when applied to humans or animals increases heat to the subject area which in turn increases blood flow. This can be seen using thermal imaging technology on a limb with a traditional magnetic device attached. In many cases, such as after exercise or when in 'recovery mode', applying heat should be avoided.

StreamZ unique Advanced Magnetic Technology does not contain static magnets. Instead, StreamZ revolutionary approach to magnetism contains a unique silicone compound which contain a secret concoction of ferrite. This material is then subjected to an electromagnetic process which charges the material to specific magnetic frequencies.

This entirely new approach to the 'magno therpay' industry creates a 360º spinning energy field. No heat is produced by StreamZ and as such the advanced magnetic product range can be used 24/7 and for long periods of time. In particular, StreamZ unique magnetism, unlike traditional magnets, can be used directly after exercise and long term.

Magnetism with a difference, Advanced Magnetism.

Bodyworx Sporthorse Performance is an Authorised Retailer for Streamz Global products. To purchase, get in touch directly via Whatsapp here. For more information on how Magnetic therapy can help your horse click here 

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