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Ailin Walsh, Equine Therapist, Bodyworx Sporthorse Performance, Dungarvan
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About Me

In 2018, I left my exciting career in Ireland as a surgical scrub nurse to pursue my lifelong experience and passion for horses. I felt compelled to devote myself to their wellness and positively influence their performance. I was able to seize a work opportunity in Calgary, Alberta – the equestrian hub of western Canada. I spent part of my time as a work rider on a rehab/reschooling project with horses purchased from the RCMP auction. Then, at TD Equine Veterinary Group – Sports Performance Medicine, I learned a great deal as we worked, primarily, with show jumpers, polo ponies and western performance horses. It was during this period that I embarked on a serious study program in equine bodywork and decided to launch my own business: Bodyworx Sporthorse Performance.  


A firm believer in continuing education, I am constantly studying to add more tools to my toolbox. I am currently certified through the Canadian Institute of Equine and Canine Bodywork (CIECBW, Equinology’s sister organization in Canada) in equine massage and bodywork under the tutelage of Debranne Pattillo and Tina Watkins and I am level 1 & 2 certified in myofascial release with Ruth Mitchell-Golladay. I am working towards certification, again through CIECBW, in equine craniosacral therapy with Dr. Sandra J. Howlett. I participate regularly in online courses and webinars, keeping up to date with the latest research and developments.  


In 2022, I returned to Ireland where I work primarily with show jumpers and race horses. My work focuses on the horse’s nervous and fascial systems. The bodywork sessions I offer combine myofascial, craniosacral, some Masterson Method and TTouch techniques, as well as traditional sports massage, depending on the horse’s issues. I strive to address the root cause of pain and compensatory posture & movement, help the horse to release chronic musculoskeletal tension and improve range of motion in key junctions of the body that affect performance.


When I’m not working with clients, I manage my own Sport Horse breeding program and am currently producing two young horses under saddle. In my spare time, I enjoy taking walks with my dog River, renovating our 200 year old Irish farmhouse, gardening, and drinks with friends.​​

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